Life is a roller coaster. Each stage of my life has a different story. Just like in an amusement park, you start with a small carousel and as you get older you ride bigger and bigger roller coasters.

I am a fighter, I never give up!

I spent my childhood in Papua New Guinea and in India. At the age of 22, I left India to settle in Germany with my German-Austrian husband.

I belong to a highly academic/educated family . When my maternal Grandfather (botanist and solicitor) offered me to take over his law firm, l was very motivated and started my Bachelors of law degree course.

Meine Mutter wollte immer, dass ich Kunst studiere. Kunst war für mich schon immer eine schöne Leidenschaft. Ich konnte in meine eigene Welt eintauchen. Besorgt war ich nur, dass ich malen muss, was andere mir vorgaben und ich meine eigene Kreativität dabei verliere.

I competed in national and international children art contests and got awards (twice) from International Children’s Art Exhibition in Japan.

I learned basic skills of art at a government authorized art school for six years and always passed with first grade. I wasn't happy because I had always been told what I exactly had to do. Still then it gave me the insights into the world of fine arts.
But my fate was written on something else. I met my man and we fell in love.

After a long-distance relationship of two and a half years, we decided to get married. I gave up everything and started my new life in Hamburg. My German family welcomed me with open arms. I studied German at a public school five days a week for a year without interruption. They helped me understand the language, the most important key to start my new life.

Leider wurden mein Studium und alle indischen Zeugnisse von den deutschen Behörden nicht anerkannt. Ich war damals etwas deprimiert und habe angefangen Grußkarten zu malen und zu verkaufen.

After two years we moved to Frankfurt because of my husband‘s job. Here I gave birth to our one and only wonderful son.

At that time I was full time mother and housewife. When my son was only two years old, having heard from a local radio station, I got an opportunity to start my career as an assistant dentist though. I was judged the best of the year at my Institution.

At this time period I did some commissioned art. Everyone appreciated my talent for painting.

I worked very hard and successfully completed all training courses. I grew from an assistant to finance manager of a dentist.

Three years back my son gave me a surprise gift on my birthday. He presented me canvas, brushes and colors to paint. He said that he knew how much I missed my painting.

From that day on I couldn’t stop painting. Now I know how much I love this world. I feel free. Most of my paintings are created intuitively.

When I started I didn’t know what I am going to paint and how it would end. I poured all my inner feelings, love, purity, positive vibes into my art. Now I feel I am complete now.

I am a born artist. Gardening and cooking are also considered to be art and I manage both very well. That's the extension of my artistic inner being.

Now I am ready for a big, and the most exciting roller coaster ride. So many opportunities are knocking at the door. Wish me good luck. Each of my painting will give you positive vibes. Life is beautiful. Change your world. Just do what you love to do.


Ani Spitzer
Gräsiger Weg 7 u
65719 Hofheim